Beth Thierfelder

Beth Thierfelder

Senior Executive Manager

Grafton, WI

Joined 2/2011

When I started as a Consultant I joined for the discount and to meet new people. My dream is to help others achieve the life they deserve. There is no better life than helping others have healthier skin, earning free and discounted products, and earning money that is changing their lives. I love that my husband and I were able to retire early as a result of my L’BRI income. I certainly am living the dream life with being able to travel and spend time with family whenever we want, without having to ask off for vacation like I did when I had a full-time job. L’BRI has provided me with some amazing trips, my L’BRI Nissan car, and many new friendships that I will treasure forever. 

I am blessed to work with amazing men and woman on my team and help them make their dreams come true. Helping them to dream big and realize they deserve the best in life is very rewarding. I am truly blessed to be part of this amazing company that Linda and Brian created 23 years ago.