Audrey Konkel

Audrey Konkel

Executive Manager

Buda, TX

Joined 5/2020

I am sooo excited to be a NEW Executive Manager!  I started my journey with L’BRI almost three years ago, sharing from the heart and helping one face at a time. It’s such a beautiful moment when you look back and realize one decision you made has change the lives of hundreds of people.  Through my customers and teammates, L’BRI has helped more people than I ever could have imagined. That moment will continue to fuel my desire to help hundreds more!

My team has been an inspiration to me.  Without their desire to learn and grow, we wouldn’t be here today!  Thank you to my whole team Aloe My Heart! We did it!  Thank you to my Executive Manager, Melissa Yoder for introducing L’BRI to me when I was looking for a way out of the retail 9-5 environment and looking for a way to stay home with my children.  Which I did! I fired my boss!

Thank you Linda and Brian for making such a wonderful product that really does sell itself!  And also for making a business model that is so full of support and integrity that I’m so proud to be a face that can represent it!

I cannot wait to see where my L’BRI journey takes me next!