Angela Cawley

Angela Cawley

Executive Manager

Royersford, PA

Joined 8/2020

I live in Royersford, Pennsylvania with my husband Mike and two beautiful daughters, Ashley (18) and Madilyn (15). I am a pharmacist of 26 years and appreciate all those who work in the healthcare field, taking care of people each and every day. Although I have been blessed with a great paying career, income is limited to what your employer is looking to pay and promotion opportunities are limited.

I was introduced to L’BRI with a gentle sample set in July of 2020 and I was sold, joining on August 3. I never thought of myself of someone that would sell skin care products, but the results spoke for themselves and I knew I needed to share this amazing product line with others. Not only was I impressed by the skin care line – I was amazing by the income opportunity and the warmth and generosity of the company!

With each promotion, I knew I was in the right place! As I saw our group numbers and sponsors rise in February I realized that this company offers us unlimited opportunities – not just for income, but for personal growth, friendship and a feeling of belonging. I saw the “Infinite Possibilities” that  L’BRI provides and I knew I found my team name. The sky’s the limit!