Amber Duncan

Amber Duncan

Executive Manager

Portage, MI

Joined 5/2020

I was introduced to L’BRI on social media due to the COVID pandemic, and decided to take the leap of faith. I was looking for a discount on great products as well as a potential income for my family. With a 20+ career as a sales executive in corporate America, and as a single mom to three beautiful children, I had found myself hitting rock bottom due to multiple devastating events. It was the first time in my life that I had nothing. I lost my home, my vehicles, everything in my life other than my family – it was gone. 

In just 11 short months, I reached Executive Manager. I have never been more humbled and grateful for the opportunities that L’BRI has provided to me and my family. Because of L’BRI, I have qualified for a new vehicle, I have moved into a new condo, I am leaving on a company-paid trip in 3 weeks, looking at building a new home, and feel like my life has turned around 100% in a positive direction.

I cannot imagine life without L’BRI during this time in my life. The L’BRI friends and family circle is SO incredible, and I am beyond honored to be where I am with this organization. Thanks to L’BRI, I am able to work from home, spend more time with my family, and have rebuilt everything I lost. 

Team Transcendence and I plan on reaching for the sky, to continue living the L’BRI life we love to live.