Amber Columbus

Amber Columbus

Executive Manager

Dallas, OR

Joined 2/2021

When I first joined L’BRI in February 2021 I set a goal to achieve Executive Manager, but never in my wildest dreams did I image achieving that goal in just 5 months!

But becoming Executive Manager is not a level you can achieve by yourself! I could have never accomplished my goal without the love and support of my husband, son, family, friends and the unwavering support of my fabulous L’BRI Tribe! These phenomenal mentors and leaders were ALWAYS there answering my questions, cheering me on, pushing me out of my comfort zone and supporting me through every up and down the past few months threw at me.

My wish for the future is for L’BRI to continue to push me out of my comfort zone and to help me to conquer even more personal and professional goals. I love empowering other men and women and lifting them up right alongside of me. I‘ve definitely found a home in L’BRI and I plan to crush even more goals each and every day!

I would like to give a very special “Thank You” to Linda and Brian for building an amazing company that allows all of us dreamers to not only Dream Big but also Achieve Big!