Alexandra Lydy

Alexandra Lydy

Executive Manager

Middleville, MI

Joined 7/2020

I am a wife and mama to three beautiful children and currently work full time in an OB/GYN clinic. I truly love caring for my patients on a daily basis. The L’BRI opportunity came to me after hosting a party and I absolutely fell in love with the products and mission of L’BRI. I knew that I wanted to share them with everyone I knew.

L’BRI has been an amazing part of my life in the short three months I’ve been a part of it. The friendships, growth and confidence I’ve gained is something I strive to share with others. I needed something for “ME” and L’BRI has given that to me. Financially, L’BRI has helped make my 12-week maternity leave less stressful and guilt-free to spend time with our three children.

My goal in the upcoming months to year is to continue to grow myself, empower others and climb my way to Executive Manager and help others achieve the same. Thank you Linda and Brian for sharing these amazing products with you and thank you L’BRI for changing my life in a way I never knew needed changing!